Big Plans, Big Crash

Are you ready for the next one?

04 Aug

Thinking Positive Wins The Day!

Posted in Personal Finance on 04.08.14

An upbeat outlook isn’t just something you’re born with. The latest research shows it’s a skill anyone can master.

If you’d asked me six months ago, I’d have said optimism means having faith I’d make it through the week without a child getting sick or a major appliance breaking down. And I’d have claimed to be an optimist myself, because despite the fact that my kids are constantly catching colds and my fridge is forever going on the fritz, I continue to make plans that assume no such setbacks.


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03 Jan

IRS Tax Help At Taxpayer Assistance Centers

Posted in Personal Finance on 03.01.14

thaThere are several ways to get IRS tax help. One of the easiest and convenient methods is through the IRS government website. Since it can be found online, a person will not have to go to the office to ask for assistance rather, he/she simply has to open the site and follow the instructions or links posted there. There are a lot of helpful guidelines in the IRS website on how to resolve tax issues easily. Apart from that, one can also call their telephone hotline in seeking IRS …

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