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03 Jul

Remote Recovery for RAID Servers: A Solid Choice

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remoterrsvrRAID (redundant array of independent disks or formally, redundant array of inexpensive disks) is a way of organizing and categorizing your computer’s data into a method of data storage that uses multiple drives. RAID allows the storage of your data but it was primarily designed to improve the function of your computer as unnecessary data is organize more efficiently. Your computer’s data (files like photos and videos, games, documents to browser history, cookies from websites and everything you see on the monitor of your computer screen) is categorized by importance and function, then stored accordingly on the hard drive(s). This allows your computer to perform much more efficiently than before the use of RAID as the hard drive is less cluttered with data. RAID was not meant to be used as a sole back-up system for your data because it is meant to increase your computer’s performance. Although it does store and create copies of your data, depending on the level of RAID, it is not always a reliable back-up source, but can be recovered. However, because of this is often used as a method of data storage, there are many RAID recovery companies that can be trusted to retrieve data from your hard drive(s) after a malfunction.

Depending on the RAID level (a level which determines the necessary security and storage for each file) the data is stored on two or more disks, creating more copies of the files in case of hard drive malfunction. There are nearly a dozen RAID levels offering various systems of data configuration but only RAID 0, 1 and 5 are commonly used for personal computers. RAID 5 is the most common level for small business servers.

Remote recovery of RAID is possible through various data recovery companies and can be conducted online, without having to send your hard drive(s) or disk(s) through the mail. By creating a support system online where a technician is able to communicate with a customer, RAID can be recovered remotely. The technician will guide the customer through the recovery process by communicating through a secure channel online to ensure privacy and security in your data recovery.

Through an established channel, which connects the data recovery technician to the customer’s computer, tests are conducted to diagnose the specific issue disrupting the customer’s drive(s). In some cases, RAID recovery is not possible online. If the damage is physical like water damage or overheating, then online recovery may not be possible. Online recovery is most likely feasible if the data recovery is necessary due to file corruption, which occurs when functions are not performed properly like if a program was closed incorrectly, or human error, like accidentally deleting significant files or tampering with system files. When online recovery is not an option, the drive(s) can be shipped to a physical location where technicians will get into the hard drive and attempt to rebuild or reconfigure the RAID system.

RAID Recovery Online is one of these data recovery companies that offers an online remote recovery service for RAID. They focus on RAID levels 0, 1, 5, and 6 which indicates they have a lot of experience dealing with personal computers as well as small business servers. They provide a free online diagnostic before committing to pay for the service, which starts at $520.00, and guarantee a “No Data No Money” policy. This ensures there is no risk in choosing their company for your data recovery. In the event that your data cannot be retrieved remotely, they have services to recover your data in their world class labs and will even schedule a courier to come to your home and pick up the hard drive(s).

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